The role of the government in maintaining a healthy society

The main reason why countries formed a government was the provision of services. Earlier before there was nobody, who was responsible for the provision of services. It was discovered that people were only interested in the provision of services that were profit-making and those that were directly affecting their financial status. This triggered the need for organized forms of leadership called government. The government collects taxes and charges anyone who is doing business.

On the other side, the government is responsible for the provision of essential services that wouldn’t be provided in an organized manner in the absence of a government. One of the services that the government is mandated to offer is the maintenance of a healthy society. What is the role of the government in maintaining a healthy society?

Regulation of all the activities in a society

fgdfgdgfdgdfgretretThe government is the sole body that regulates how business and other things are done in a society. Some business if left to run without regulation would lead to an unhealthy society. Some activities destroy the environment. What the government does is that it regulate the number of search businesses in the society.

The government can also regulate harmful business by promoting the opening of a business that is healthy to the society. In real examples, the government can ban a certain business from that are harmful to the society. The government can refuse to give licenses to businesses that are possibly going to cause an unhealthy society. Where the government has already given such a license, it can exercise it regulation role by not renewing the license.

Policy control

The government can directly put in policies that promote a healthy society. The government can put in policies to industries and homesteads that are likely to cause an unhealthy society. Every home can be required by law to connect its sewage to the main sewage carriage. The sewage should first be treated. In the industries, the government can set standards that promote a healthy society.

It can ban the release of sewage into the rivers and other water bodies. It can require of companies that deal with harmful substances to provide a policy to minimize the dangers her products possess to the society. It can demand that all the companies recycle their waste products to reduce the amount of waste in the society.

Compelling companies to participate in corporate social responsibilities

fdgdfgdfgdgfdgCompanies operating in a given societies are required by ethical standards to participate in corporate social responsibility. The argument is that companies should not only aim at making a profit and also in making a world a better place. The government can compel are the industries operating in given area to participate in responsibilities that aim at keeping the society clean.

The government can make it a requirement for companies seeking to renew operating permits to produce a report on the corporate responsibility that the company has participated in. In cases where the government wants to promote this spirit it can partially fund the corporate social responsibilities.

Robert Hayes Author